Organizing And Packing Clothing And Books Before Placing Items Inside Of A Unit Designed For Secure Storage In Wahiawa

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2017

If clothing and books are going to be stored in a rental unit for a few months, organizing and packing contents in sturdy containers will prevent items from becoming lost or damaged while they are being transported to and from a storage facility. The following tips can be used to prepare personal possessions prior to being placed in a unit and will help an owner keep track of their items.

Use A Cart And Bags That Seal

A garment cart has small wheels secured to its base and will allow a large amount a lot of items to be transported without needing to lift a lot of weight. After clothing is laundered, dried, and ironed, garments can be hung from hangers. Hangers can be secured inside of garment bags that have a zipper or button closure.

Garment bags will prevent fabric from being exposed to humidity or sunlight and will stop clothing from becoming wrinkled. If clear garment bags are used, an individual can locate specific clothing items after they have been stored inside of a rental unit.

Categorize Books And Create A List Of Titles

After books are removed from shelves, they can be sorted and stacked in piles. Alphabetizing books or separating books by theme will make it easier for books to be placed back on shelves after they are moved out of a storage facility at a later date. A list of titles can be written in a notebook so that an owner of books can refer to their list when they would like to confirm that a specific book has been placed in a storage unit.

Large plastic bins can be used to hold books and will provide a waterproof surface. Before adding books to a bin, a lint-free cloth should be used to wipe off each book’s cover. Packing materials should be added to a bin’s base. Books can be set inside of a bin with their spines facing upwards. A lid should be secured to a bin before transporting books.

Before moving items, an individual will need to contact Hawaii Self Storage or another storage facility to request a rental unit. A unit that is designed to provide Secure Storage in Wahiawa will protect items from theft. Most units at a facility designed for Secure Storage in Wahiawa are climate controlled and staff members monitor the premises on a consistent basis.