Industrial Shelving Accessories

Posted by Timothy Harvard on March, 2019

You want your warehouse to be as efficient as possible. Standard pallet racking systems might provide you with the right sort of primary storage, but the off-the-shelf systems may not meet your exact requirements.

Pallet Rack accessories can help.

Supervisors and owners can enhance existing pallet rack systems by using the right accessories to manage overall operations more effectively.

Accessories can help maximize safety and organize your warehouse better.

Post Protectors

Post protectors help reduce forklift damage to your racks. Damaged racks can cause an entire rack system to collapse, ruining protect and possibly causing injuries to your workers.

Most protectors mount on the columns at the end of the rows where forklifts are more likely to hit accidentally.

You can purchase post protectors or column guards that mount on the front of the racking units and anchor to the floor.

Steel Guard Rail Systems

Steel guard rail systems protect racks or areas or equipment from accidental forklift damage.

Guard rail systems bolt to the concrete floor and keep forklifts a safe distance away from the protected racks and other warehouse areas.

They can be handy in warehouses with narrow aisles to guide the drivers and keep the forklift from encountering the racks, equipment, or other things such as offices or shelving.

Rack Backing

Falling items behind or from a rack unit not only can cause inventory losses or miscounts but can also cause safety concerns.

Rack guards or rack backs use wire mesh panels to stop items from falling into the aisles or behind racks.

Manufacturers sell kits with offset brackets for overhanging pallets, including ones that extend the wire mesh over the top beams.

Wine Bottle Flow Rack

If your warehouse stores wine, an excellent special accessory rack is the wine bottle flow rack system.

With this kit, you can store individual bottles in 42-inch pallet racking.

This helps maximize floor space usage while protecting wine bottle inventory from damage.

The system accommodates half cases or individual bottles.

Rather than buying separate, expense wine storage system, you can turn your existing racking into a storage area that safely stores bottle.

The gravity flow system is efficient and straightforward, allowing easy load and offload.

Keg Flow Racks

Beer kegs have become more common storage items with the recent popularity of micro-breweries. Rather than buy specialty keg racks, you can transform your existing racks using a keg flow rack system.

The rack moves the kegs safely and effectively to the front of the shelf to allow easier picking.

Available in a variety of sizes, these fully welded keg flows accommodate racks 120-inches deep. Keg flows also require pallet racking offset.

Span Track Flow Carton Rack

The design of the span track flow carton rack accessory permits easy storage of bulky, oversize boxes or crates.

Simple to install, you can drop the span track over the front and back beam of the rack.

The heavy-duty, full-width rollers can withstand hard use.

The span track comes in two models: low profile and high profile.

The low profile model fits between the rack beams. It uses front and rear beam hangers, with track lengths in one-inch increments.

The high profile version installs directly on the rack beams, either overhanging the front or back if you have contouring racks. Adjustable left, right, front, or back, the front of the track acts as a raised carton stop. The back of the track has a load bar for better durability with impact loading.

This item is excellent for First In/First Out (FIFO) stock rotation.


These are just a few of the many accessories available to help your operations run better.

Rather than buying a brand new system, review with a quality supplier the accessories available to help you not only keep costs down and increase the operating life of your shelves but maximize your ability to get the product in and out of your warehouse safely and efficiently.