Different Kinds of Football Drills to Increase Endurance

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Fitness

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Even for football positions that do not require a lot of endurance, building endurance in training will improve overall performance on the field. To build endurance, athletes need regular training with slight shifts to the training schedule in the offseason. Both inside (weight room) and outside (field) endurance drills are important for football players. Specific endurance drills that may be used in football training in Jacksonville include these:

1. Interval sprints. Interval training is specifically targeted for the game of football, which is all about the stops and starts. Therefore, training in stops and starts is a great way to improve endurance overall while also preparing specifically for gameplay. Sprint/stride intervals, sprint ladders, and alternating different sprint lengths with short rests in between are some of the field-based interval sprint training programs that can be used during football training in Jacksonville.

2. Shuttle sprints. A type of interval sprint, shuttle sprints are great because they can be practiced indoors or in short practice spaces. Also, shuttle sprints train the athlete for effective deceleration and stopping, improving coordination, timing, and accuracy as well as overall body awareness. The athlete basically sprints and stops before turning around and doing it in the other direction.

3. Weight room reps. Especially during the off-season, increasing endurance with weights is important in football. Weight room endurance exercises allow the athlete to gradually build not just volume, bulk, and intensity but also number of reps to keep the body in peak condition and also keep the mind focused.

4. Position-specific drills. A good football training coach will adapt the workout regimen to suit the player’s needs and position on the field. Running backs need a different type of endurance training than a full back. Position-specific training ensures that the athlete’s skills are being adapted and honed to maximize their performance.

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