A Company That Can Install An Irrigation Pipe In Wall Township

Posted by Daniel lawrence on October, 2016

If a sprinkler head has grass clippings and other debris stuck in parts of it, a lawn won’t be watered efficiently when a sprinkler system is turned on. The following steps will describe how to clean a sprinkler head to restore a system to its original state.


     *     power drill

     *     bucket of water

     *     detergent

     *     slightly abrasive sponge

     *     thin scrub brush

     *     rubbing alcohol

Removing A Sprinkler Head And Debris From Its Interior And Exterior

A sprinkler system needs to be turned off before a head is removed. If a sprinkler head is secured to a base, a power drill may need to be used to remove hardware pieces that are holding the head in place. Afterwards, a head can be turned counter clockwise to loosen it. Once a head is wobbly, it can be lifted upwards. Any surface dirt that is on a sprinkler head’s exterior can be eliminated with soapy water and a slightly abrasive sponge.

Debris that is stuck inside of a sprinkler head’s interior can be eliminated with a thin scrub brush that has been dipped into a cleaning solution. If there are any stains on a sprinkler head that cannot be eliminate with a homemade cleaning solution, pouring a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a sponge before treating the stains may assist with eliminating them.

Cleaning Or Replacing A Filter And Installing A Head

Before a sprinkler head is installed, its filter should be inspected. If rinsing off a filter with a water hose won’t remove dirt from its surface, purchasing a replacement filter may be necessary. Once a clean sprinkler head is installed in its base, hardware can be inserted in the proper spots and tightened with a power drill. A sprinkler system needs to be turned on to ensure that water is emitted through a head the proper way.

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