Long Island NY Property Management Rentals – The Top 4 Ways to Stay on Top of Property Maintenance

Posted by Phineas Gray on March, 2019

The cost of Long Island NY property management rentals maintenance can get out of hand if things are let go and not attended to when necessary. Staying on top of the condition of your properties and taking care of issues as they crop up is the best way to ensure the rentals are kept in good working order. If repairs are put off or you are unaware they are needed, it can prove a very expensive lesson when tenants leave. You can easily be left with high repair bills and an unoccupied property until the repairs are complete.

Frequent Visits and Inspections

You need to make the time to personally visit and inspect properties frequently. It lets the tenants know you care about the condition it is in, and you can spot potential problems early. If you do not have time to do this, you should hire a professional Long Island NY property management rentals agency to do this for you.

Use the Same Contractor for Repairs

If you find a decently priced contractor that can perform the needed repairs on your properties then stick with them. Bouncing around from one contractor to another is not a great way to make sure the work is consistent and done right. You will spend more time inspecting to make sure the work was done and done correctly. A Long Island NY property management rentals company will know the best and most affordable contractors to use in the area.

Do NOT Allow Tenants to Perform Repairs

There are two major reasons that tenants should not do repairs. You need to be confident that a repair was done correctly, and you do not want to be responsible if they get hurt making the repair. It may seem easy and convenient to allow them the responsibility and have them deduct the cost from the rent, but it could create problems you do not see initially. A professional Long Island NY property management rentals agency can oversee all repairs and make sure they are done timely and cost-effectively.

If it Needs to be Replaced, Replace It

No property owner looks forward to spending money, but if you have an HVAC unit or water heater that have seen better days, simply replace it. If it is undergoing more repairs than operating, it is time to make the investment.

Maintenance is a huge and ongoing process for any property owner. Any method you can employ to keep on top of the costs and extent of the problems will ultimately save you money in the long run. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it may be time to look into getting the help of a Long Island NY property management rentals expert. Click here for more information.

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