Considering an Electric Fireplace? Consult an Electrical Contractor in Chicago Heights IL

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Electronics and Electrical

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Though the hearth may be the home’s heart, not every home has one. Here’s where electric fireplaces come in; they provide all the comforts of a fireplace without requiring expensive and invasive chimney installation. Here, homeowners will learn more about electric fireplaces.

The Advantages of an Electric Fireplace

For a homeowner who wants to avoid the extensive maintenance required of a real fireplace, an electric fireplace makes a cozy addition to a room. Because they don’t use gas or burn wood, installation is simple. They can be as big or as small as a homeowner wants, and for those who live in small spaces, they’re worth having.

The Disadvantages

Those looking to heat the home in winter or during a power outage will be disappointed. An electric fireplace doesn’t put out enough heat to warm larger rooms. If a homeowner needs to keep the entire home warm, these fireplaces won’t do a very good job. Though faux flames are okay for some, they may be off-putting to purists. Before installing an electric fireplace, it pays to do some research. An Electrical Contractor in Chicago Heights IL may be able to provide guidance and tell homeowners about their options.

The Safety of Electric Fireplaces

Most of today’s electric fireplaces are simple to install; they only need a plug to do their job. As far as their safety is concerned, most units turn off automatically if they fall or tip over. Furthermore, the power going to an electric fireplace is held to the same standards as an electric space heater, which can be used with any fuse box, wiring, and wall socket combination. Be sure to unplug it and let it cool down when it’s not in use.

Learn More Today

For anyone who loves the warm and welcoming sight of burning logs, an electric fireplace is a safe and versatile option. Their plug-and-play nature is quite enticing, but there are certain considerations to make. To find out if the home’s electrical system can support such a fireplace, or if repairs are needed, call Bates Electric Inc to get advice from an Electrical Contractor in Chicago Heights IL.

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