Keeping A Dog Contained with Help from Fence Services in Canton, GA

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Business

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When someone with a dog moves into a new home, they will most likely want to have an area for their pet to run around outside. Most people will enlist help from fence services in Canton, GA to construct a barrier to help contain their pet, so it does not run away, get stolen, or get hit by a vehicle. If a fencing company cannot get to a home immediately to install this containment system on their property, it will become necessary to think about temporary options. Here are some temporary fencing options one can use to keep their dog on their property.

Mesh Fencing

Installing a mesh fence is an option that those with smaller dogs can try. These are the same types of fences used around trampolines or swimming pools to keep children safe. A dog will be unable to climb the fence, and will still have the benefit of being able to see neighboring properties. This is a great feature from the homeowner and they can check up on their dog from all areas of their yard.

Plastic or Wood Fencing

Placing temporary or wood picket fence pieces is an option some use to keep a dog contained. These are relatively sturdy, but may not be the best option for someone with a large dog, as they can jump over or into. Posts are placed into holes in the ground, and pickets are nailed into rails that are placed horizontally to the posts. These fences can be painted to match the home if desired.

Invisible Fencing

Some opt to purchase an invisible dog fence to keep their pet on their property. These require that the dog wears a collar. Posts are placed into the ground along the perimeter of the yard where the dog is desired not to cross. The collar has a transmitter that will give the pet a gentle jolt if it gets too close to the proximity of the underground posts. This is a great training tool to teach boundaries to the dog.

When it comes time for fence services to install a permanent fencing solution, it will be necessary to discuss the options available. Contacting Summit Fence is a great way to obtain a sturdy fence at a great price.

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