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When you’re looking for a really good company to handle your medical waste disposal in the Oahu, HI area, you need to do some research before choosing a partner. For a start, many companies find that working with a local partner is preferable to signing an agreement with a national or out-of-state company. There’s no doubt that a local company is better able to resolve any problems and to build a relationship with you, which is the key to having a sound and successful working partnership. However, there are other considerations that you should also take into account.

Hidden costs or surcharges

Hidden costs are something that many companies complain about when discussing their medical waste disposal partners. Before making a decision, most companies ask for quotes so that they can draw comparisons. However, it often happens that the quotation you are given is not the price that you will actually pay, as many added costs you were not made aware of could suddenly become apparent. Expenses such as fuel charges and energy and environmental fees are suddenly a part of your bill, and another company’s quote could have been more attractive if had you known of these surcharges in advance. In some ways, adding on hidden costs is a dishonest way of conducting business. Ask in advance and get it in writing that the price you’re quoted is the only figure you’ll see on a final invoice.

How does the service agreement work?

When you agree to a partnership with a medical waste disposal company, it is often necessary to sign a contract for a specific period of time. It often happens, though, that the conditions you agreed to at the beginning of the contract will change during the duration of the agreement. For example, you may find that you are now producing more or less waste than the initial contract allowed for. It should be possible to amend the agreement without penalties, but this isn’t the case with some disposal partners. Contact Business Name for more information.

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