Hidden Reasons Blissfield, MI Residents Need Title Insurance When Buying a Home

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2020

Many home buyers wonder if title insurance is essential, and the answer is a resounding yes. The fact that your mortgage owner likely requires it, but there are other reasons why home buyers need to work with a title insurance company in Blissfield, MI.

Imagine that you have found the perfect home to raise your kids when someone tells you that they are the owner of the property and that you need to get off immediately. This happens when home buyers have not worked with a title insurance company in Blissfield, MI to discover if the person selling you the property owns it. While sometimes this happens due to conditions of a will that were overlooked, sometimes there is people who want to scam home buyers.

Alternatively, imagine that you have been living in your beautiful home for several years when your neighbor decides to build a new privacy fence. You look out your kitchen window and see the work happening. However, your title insurance straightens out where the property line lays, so your neighbor cannot build on your property.

You do not want to move into your dream mansion to discover that someone has placed a lien against the property. The county may have done this because the homeowner has not paid their previous taxes. Alternatively, the home may be involved in a lawsuit or a nasty divorce.

People who write deeds are human. Therefore, mistakes happen, or information gets left out. A title insurance company in Blissfield, MI can help spot those errors and get them straightened out. Contact Prestige Title Insurance Company for more information.

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