Post-Mastectomy Sportswear for Your Active Lifestyle

by | Mar 16, 2019 | Shopping

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After having mastectomy surgery, you must wear protective undergarments and clothing designed for post-mastectomy wear, especially if you lead an active life.

The Anita sports bra is a very popular post-surgical bra designed for physical activity due to its versatility, flexibility, support, and comfort. Anita designs a variety of activewear and breast forms that move with your body during sports games, workout classes, and personal training.

Anita makes mastectomy bras with and without pockets for women who use breast prostheses as well as women who do not.

Mastectomy Sports Bras

  • Anita Vivana Active Mastectomy Bra

The Vivana Active Mastectomy Bra features adjustable straps with a low-elasticity content, for maximum comfort and a snug fit. This bra is a perfect post-surgical bra as it includes cups and pockets on each side, to support breast prosthesis and provide stable, reliable support.

This sleek, sporty bra includes a strappy grey zig-zag design on the back and microfiber lining around the chest band for comfort and the perfect fit. The Anita Vivana Active Mastectomy Bra is fast-drying, soft, flexible, and comfortable. It is available in skin-tone and black, depending on your preference.

  • Amoena Performance Sports Mastectomy Bra

This Amoena Bra is designed specifically to move with your body and your breast prosthesis. The Amoena Performance Sports Mastectomy Bra is made from a soft, flexible material that naturally moves with your body. It includes cups and pockets made from a gentle microfiber material and a breathable mesh material lining the sides, to manage perspiration. These reinforced side panels offer additional support and help ensure maximum comfort.

This sports bra includes a plush elastic band around the chest to eliminate the possibility of chafing, with a fastener in the back to ensure a snug fit. The Amoena Performance bra was created for women who lead active lifestyles and prioritize style, support, and comfort.

  • Jodee Active Cool Cotton Sports Mastectomy Bra

This Jodee bra is designed from cotton for a snug, comfortable fit, with polyester pockets to hold your breast form or breast prosthesis in place while active. This design includes a hook in the back to hold the bra in place and adjustable shoulder straps which make for a versatile, flexible bra that fits all of our customers comfortably.

Jodee bras are particularly versatile. Many women wear them for everyday purposes. The Active Cool Cotton Sports Mastectomy Bra is designed as activewear, although it is great for everyday wear too because it offers extra support and mobility.

  • Anita Extreme Control Post Mastectomy Bra

The Anita Extreme Control Post Mastectomy Bra includes terry cloth pockets for breast forms and/or breast prostheses on either side to control sweat and create ventilation. This bra is made from smooth, soft fabric with mesh detail in the back to create additional breathability and functionality. This bra is excellent for yoga, light physical activity, and everyday support.

Tops and Tanks

  • Luisa Racer Back Yoga Mastectomy Top

The Luisa Racer Back was designed with a perspiration-controlling ‘smart fabric’ that wipes away moisture from the skin and enables a full range of motion. This tank was made to be worn with a mastectomy post-surgical bra for the best support during workout classes, yoga classes, and even day to day life.

This tank has a contrast-colored bra, which includes pockets on either side for your breast form and/or prostheses.

  • Luisa Pocketed Nylon/Lycra Tank

This form-fitting, nylon tank includes sewn-in foam cups, so that breast prostheses or breast forms are no longer necessary. This style is made from a water-proof material and can double as a tankini, while also serving as a flexible, comfortable athletic top. The Luisa Luisa Pocketed Nylon/Lycra Tank also includes adjustable straps, for the perfect fit.

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