Important Packing Information From Interstate Movers In Dallas

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Moving

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The city of Dallas is headquarters to many national and international companies, and it is also a very popular part of the state. People and families are constantly moving into and out of the city, which means that there are a lot of interstate movers also based in and around this area.

What to Consider

While there may be businesses covering the cost of interstate movers for corporate relocations that include packing services, many people moving in this area choose to pack their own boxes of the movers to handle. This is a great idea and one that can save money, but it is also important to understand what you can pack and what should not be put on the truck.

It is the obligation of the person pack the boxes, not of the interstate movers loading the truck, to make sure all items on the truck are permissible. The moving company will provide a list of prohibited items, and it is essential to read the list and follow the directions. Adding items in boxes that are restricted or prohibited can void your insurance and limit or eliminate your ability to make damage claims.

Prohibited Items

All reputable interstate movers that are licensed and insured will have the same basic list of items prohibited on the truck. These are selected because they are flammable, explosive or potentially dangerous should they somehow spill or come in contact with other items in the truck.

The most common restrictions are on the transportation by interstate movers of:

* All aerosol cans
* Matches or lighters
* Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, oil
* Any gasses including those in bottle and tanks
* Any chemicals such as solvents, paint thinners, paints, varnishes
* Nail polish or nail polish remover
* Alcohol
* Ammunition of any type
* Fireworks or firecrackers
* Fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or insecticides
* Any type of chemicals, including dry powder chemicals

If you have any questions, always ask in advance by calling in and speaking directly to your move coordinator.

Other Considerations

While these are the most obvious, interstate movers also will not transport other items that are not potentially dangers. However, should they spill or the containers break in the truck they can cause damage to other items on the truck.

Typically Dallas interstate movers will not take houseplants on the truck as they are simply not protected from extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter. They also can spill and cause dirt and water to damage other boxes and furniture. Perishable foods, even frozen foods in coolers, will not be allowed on the trucks as they can easily spoil.

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