Water Evident Labels – The Basics of Standard and Adhesive-Side Types

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Business

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You’ve probably seen water evident labels on electronics and other products you have purchased – cell phones, computers, kitchen appliance and so on. Typically, a water evident label is used to ensure the quality of a certain kind of product. In other words, these particular detection labels let the consumer as well as the manufacturer know if there has been any potential water damage to the product – ultimately voiding the equipment warranty. These labels tend to work in almost a three step process and are specifically designed to changes colors when exposed to moisture.

Standard Labels
With all standard water evident labels, once applied and before any exposure to water, the labels are essentially colorless. If the product is briefly expose to water or moisture for less than a few seconds, the label will change color often at the perimeter of the label. If, on the other hand, a product has been exposed to water or any kind of moisture for long than a few second, generally about a minute or more, the entire label will change color. Standard labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes all with the adhesive on the bottom of the labels. You can also purchase standard style label in a continuous roll with the same above mentioned features.

Adhesive-Side Labels
Another commonly used water evident or detection label to consider is the adhesive-side label. The three step detection process is exactly the same and you also purchase adhesive-side labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. The only true difference is how the adhesive is applied. As previously mentioned, with a standard water evident label the adhesive is located on the bottom or rather back of the label. With adhesive side label, however the adhesive is on the same side of the label that changes color which allows for the color change to be seen through clear surfaces and the clear adhesive. Consequently, these particular labels are idea for clear container that either made of glass or Plexiglas.

Additional Features
In addition to detecting any water damage, water evident labels also are heat resistant without false positives, generally use the only high-performance adhesives and can be customized due to the thermal transfer printable surface.

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