Improve the Deliverability of Your Mail with CASS Certified Software

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Law Services

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With the holiday season here, many companies and people will be shipping out goods and various other items to customers and loved ones. Since there is an increase in how much mail is delivered during the holidays, you want to make sure your shipment reaches the proper destination. Plus, when you mail out large amounts of items a day it can become expensive. However, with a CASS certified postal software, you increase the chance of your shipment reaching the recipient of the mail. When the address is correctly printed on the package it can help decrease the burden mail carriers have when sorting through and delivering the mail.

What is CASS Certification?

This certification is the process that will take your databank and compare it to the deliverable addresses in the USPS’s database. With this software, it makes it easier to process large batches of mail by looking up the address for you. Since the information is printed on a label that displays the address for your customer, it is easier for the post office to read. You will help eliminate the difficulty of delivering packages and cards because the address was incorrect or hard for the post office to read. The USPS’s work becomes more efficient and provides them with a better organization when delivering the mail.

Advantages of Using CASS

  • When you ship in bulk by using this software will allow for a lower postage rate. The postal service will give discounts on large shipments with deliverable addresses.
  • You will be able to save on the cost of mailing and printing services, postage, and paper stock by reducing the chance of the mail not being deliverable.
  • There are fewer errors when the original data is corrected.
  • Your shipment will be delivered faster when the information is correct on each package you send out.
  • The abbreviations, such as avenue and street are standardized in all addresses to help make sure the mail is received by its recipient.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

The software is a key factor in helping you develop customer relationships. When you use the tools required to validate the address, they will receive their order faster. With the speedy service, your clients will be satisfied in how quick their package got to them. Decrease the chance of your packages becoming lost by finding a quality software program that will compare the address that you have with the postal service database.

Are you searching for CASS certified postal software to help lower the cost and ensure the delivery of your goods?

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