How Long Does It Take To Fix a Dent?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2018

Whether a fender bender, “door ding,” or full-blown accident has lead to a dent in your vehicle, you are going to want professional dent repair. For many owners, though, the idea of their car or truck being out of commission for an extended period can make them skip the service.

Is it a good idea? In a word: No. When your vehicle has been dented – even a minor dent – it compromises the vehicle’s overall condition. That is because a dent usually fractures the paint or clear coat and this can allow water to be trapped, rust to develop or the paint to chip. So, it is important to always have skilled dent repair.

Many still worry about a lengthy period without a car. The experts over at Angie’s List say this about the issue, “a specialist has to gain access to the area between the body and frame to pull out most dents. This initial process can be time-consuming. [Yet] If the dent hasn’t hurt your paint, paintless dent repair is typically very affordable and done fairly quickly.”

Typically, repairs that are small and simple cost less than $500 total and are done quite rapidly. When the dents are due to smaller problems, like a few dings or pings from hail, the repairs are faster and cheaper. Again, this is usually paintless repair, which means quick, affordable dent repair.

Finding Quality Dent Repair

Of course, there is also the issue of where you get the work done like that too effects on time and cost. Though you can choose from a dealership, a larger franchise or small independent shop, the first thing to consider is specialization. This guarantees that the people doing the work do only that sort of work – dent and body repair, and so on. It also guarantees more competitive pricing because they can focus on the job, have all the gear and skills, and offer the best options.

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