Learning About the Advantages of Installing New Bathroom Cabinets in Pittsburgh

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2018

In light of some recent financial write-ups and homeowner studies, the United States appears to be entering a golden age about property values:

  • Believe it or not, housing values are currently almost 7% higher than their 2006 peak, which came exactly two years before the cataclysmic crisis of 2008.
  • The national homeownership rate has also been surging, with back-to-back increases during the last two quarters.
  • Thus, when combining the tightening supply with the momentous growth regarding residential home prices, American householders have a unique opening to make the most of their home improvement projects, even if it’s just purchasing some bathroom cabinets.

To help you create an impactful yet economical renovation strategy, we’re going to underscore the benefits and advantages of implementing modernized bathroom cabinets in Pittsburgh.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Get a High Return on Your Investment

Whether you wish to add some personalized wall units, drawers and sideboards into your master bath or a modest set of bathroom cabinets into a tertiary restroom, any type of bathroom renovation can provide a lucrative dollar-for-dollar return:

  • Based on a US News report published just a few months ago, the median ROI of a bathroom refurbishment yields approximately 62%.
  • Thus, simply by spending $2,000 on a collection of custom-fabricated, plush bathroom cabinets, you’ll be able to add nearly $1,300 to your home’s selling price.
  • However, bathroom renovations become increasingly valuable as you enlarge the scope of the project, as evidenced by the fact that larger, more extensive bathroom augmentations can actually yield a 120% return or more.

Irrespective of your personal tastes, aesthetic penchants, or current in-home décor, today’s best-rated designers can facilitate a turnkey remodeling service without forcing you to pay over the top.

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