Signs it’s Time to Look into Underground Leak Detection in San Marcos, CA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2018

While above ground plumbing leaks are typically fairly easy to locate, they are not the only source of trouble when it comes to residential and commercial water lines. These plumbing systems also rely on underground pipes to bring clean water into the buildings and wastewater out, and they can be much more difficult to locate. Readers who are wondering if it might be time to hire a company for Underground Leak Detection in San Marcos CA might want to read on to find out about a few of the signs that there is a leak somewhere in one of the property’s underground pipes.

Effects of Underground Leaks on Grass

Water pooling on the surface of the ground is one of the most obvious signs of a substantial leak. Of course, not all leaks will produce enough water to create surface pooling. In some cases, smaller leaks can simply cause unexplained green or mossy patches on a lawn that is otherwise less well-irrigated. Properties that have sprinkler systems may also find that the inverse may be true, with drops in water pressure caused by their leaks causing their irrigation systems to malfunction and cause the sudden and unexplained appearance of dry, brown patches of grass.

Effects of Underground Leaks on Pavement

Not all leaks occur beneath lawns and gardens. If an underground leak occurs beneath a parking lot, driveway, or another paved surface, it can be just as destructive, though. Keep an eye out for warning signs such as cracking or heaving pavement and the development of potholes or even sinkholes in some serious cases.

Other Ways to Tell There’s a Leak

Not all underground water leaks cause any noticeable effect on the landscape. Property owners who notice other warning signs such as an unexplained increase in their monthly water bills, new problems with dirt, air, or rust in their water, or noticeable drops in water pressure may also want to look into Underground Leak Detection in San Marcos CA. Browse our Website or call today to learn more about leak location and how contractors go about finding and fixing these potentially very damaging leaks to get started solving the problem before it gets worse.

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