How Do Rehab Clinics Work? A Look Into Their Standard Operations

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Drug Addiction

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Some people believe that a rehab clinic is similar to a prison or those asylums that you see in movies with the padded walls and doors with small glass windows. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth since most affordable rehab centers in Los Angeles function on a similar level to the retirement homes for the elderly, albeit with more security.

Dormitory or Single Rooms

The goal of the rehab clinic is to create an environment that is conducive towards recovery and the development of the idea that there is life after drug addiction. This is why a rehab clinic has several communal areas where patients can interact with one another, talk or simply relax on the chairs.

The sleeping areas are either dormitory style (which are more affordable) or single rooms (pricier) that utilize soft colors. There are no metal doors, padded walls or similar throwbacks that you can see in the movies; instead, the environment is meant to be conducive towards helping a person become more at peace and feel like they can lead a normal life after their treatment period is over.

Visitation, Supervised Trips, and Appointments with the Doctor

If you have a loved on in a rehab center and you’re imagining visits similar to those on prison shows, then you’ve definitely got the wrong idea of what rehab centers are all about. Family members are encouraged to visit their loves ones since this helps them know that there are people out there that care for them and love them. It is due to this that visiting areas are often nicely decorated, large and can hold several dozen people at once in a very comfortable fashion.

Aside from allowing visitors, some rehab centers also allow supervised outside trips for a patient to local malls or restaurants. Supposedly, this is to help them become more sociable and adjust to life outside of the clinic. Lastly, appointments with a doctor are not arduous affairs where the doctor pokes and prods at the patient. Instead, most appointments are very cordial where the doctor talks with the patient, determines how they are and takes down notes on their current condition.

Hopefully, this has assuaged any worries you may have when it comes to going to a rehab center. These are places of healing and relaxation and not the mental asylums that you have in mind.

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