How a Lawyer Can Help a Client Avoid Foreclosure in Fairfield, OH

by | May 26, 2017 | Attorney

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If a person is contemplating hiring a lawyer to modify a mortgage or avoid Foreclosure in Fairfield OH, they may wonder what an attorney can do to help them stay in the home. Below are several things a foreclosure lawyer can do to help a person stay out of foreclosure and stay in the family home.

File a NOA

If a client hires a foreclosure lawyer, they will file a NOA (notice of appearance) with the court and the bank so they can enter into the case and provide official representation. After the NOA is filed, the bank will send pertinent information directly to the lawyer rather than the client.

Answer Complaints and Summonses

In a judicial foreclosure area, the lender must file a claim to foreclose on a home, and the owner must receive a complaint and a summons. When this happens, the homeowner becomes the defendant, and the bank is the plaintiff. If a person has an attorney, they can answer the summons or complaint to begin the defense process, and they may be able to point out errors in the complaint.

Appearing at Conferences

Some states have a required a settlement conference where the homeowner and the bank meet with a court-appointed party to attempt to resolve the case in a way that avoids property abandonment or Foreclosure in Fairfield OH. If the client has a lawyer, he or she can attend the conference and work on their behalf.

Using Defense Strategies

While permanent solutions are pursued, the attorney may use certain defense strategies to avoid foreclosure. They may allege that the plaintiff doesn’t have the standing to start a foreclosure, or they could argue that lending practices were unfair. A knowledgeable lawyer can use multiple defense strategies depending on the case’s circumstances.

Good Judgment

Attorneys help in many ways, but one of the most vital things they provide is their judgment. Based on their experiences, a foreclosure lawyer can tell a client which course of action may work best. Without professional advice, a client could waste time that could be better spent saving the home. Call the office to learn more or visit the website to schedule an appointment.

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