Applying for Disability Benefits? Know What You Need before Filing

by | May 25, 2017 | Attorney

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Filing for disability benefits is a multifaceted process and can be a bit confusing if you do not understand the laws pertaining to disability. It is important to make sure that you have properly filed the right paperwork and accumulated the information required to help support your claim. Even when you have an apparent disability, you could benefit from consulting with an attorney before filing for social security disability in Hickory, NC. They can provide information on the steps you will need to take and the documentation required when applying for disability benefits.

Vital Information on Filing for Disability

* You should collect all vital documentation such as social security number, spouse information, info on your minor children, and bank account number.

* Obtain detailed information on your condition such as names of all doctors that have treated you, types of medication or medical care you require, and dates of any medical tests that you have taken.

* How much money that you have earned in the past year and any jobs that you have worked in the last 15 years.

* If any medical appointments are made to be examined by a state approved professional, it is important to keep these appointments.

* Before filing consult with your physician first, it is important to have their support when filing for benefits.

* Retain a lawyer that specializes in social security disability in Hickory, NC to help with your application.

Do Not Risk Any Mistakes

When filing for benefits, you cannot risk the chance of an error being made. A mistake can decrease your chances of being approved and can prolong your waiting time of receiving benefits. The experienced team at Chad Brown Law can decrease the chance of a vital piece of information being overlooked when filing your claim. They will walk you through the process of filling out the application, gathering all vital documents, and will advocate your claim for you.

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