Sabba’s Landscaping Lawn Maintenance Monmouth County, New Jersey

by | May 26, 2017 | Landscaping

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What’s the secret to a beautiful lawn?  Whether you are looking for lawn maintenance in Monmouth County or are a DIY lawn person, Sabba’s Landscaping wants to share some of the tips to make your lawn healthy, green, and strong.

Some of our tips for creating a beautiful landscape:
1. Mow carefully.  You probably already know that you want to avoid scalping your lawn, because exposed dirt opens up the opportunity for weeds and pests.  What you might not know is to avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the length of your grass each time you mow; your yard needs that length to stay healthy.

2. Consider keeping your grass higher in shady areas; the extra length helps your grass compensate for a lack of sunshine.

3. Keep your tools sharp.  Make sure that any blades you use for lawn maintenance are kept sharp.  Clean lines not only look better, but are better for your grasses, shrubs, and trees.

4. Use the “mulch” function on your mower to recycle your grass clippings, leaving them as food for your lawn.  However, avoid this if you cut the grass in the rain or if the grass was very high when you cut it.

5. Mow in a different pattern each time you mow, to help reduce the wheel stress on your grass and avoid getting wheel ruts in your yard.

6. Use high quality lawn fertilizer, weed control, and pest control to keep your lawn beautiful and useable for you and your family.

7. Cut the cord by using rechargeable or gasoline-powered lawn tools, giving you greater mobility while doing yard work.

If you need help with your lawn maintenance, Sabba’s Landscaping to schedule a consultation to see what your yard needs to get it looking great and keep it that way.

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