Filing an Appeal by Hiring a Disability Denial Attorney in Temecula, CA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

The chances of you being denied disability benefits on your first application are high. In fact, a majority of first-time cases are denied. Often, the only ones that get through on the first attempt are those from applicants who suffer from terminal illnesses and only have months to live.

When you have been turned down and want to reapply, it is time to hire a disability denial attorney in Temecula, CA to represent you. With his or her help, you could have your second or third appeal approved in court.

Presenting a New Case

After your first case is denied, you will have to file a new case from scratch. This means filling out a new application and gathering all-new evidence. It can take several weeks to prepare a case that can satisfy the judge.

Your lawyer can handle filing the new case for you. He or she can also get new evidence, like updated doctors’ reports and psychiatric reviews, to verify that you cannot work.

Winning a Settlement

If the judge approves your subsequent appeal, you could be owed a settlement that dates back to the day that you filed your first case. You can win payments that go back to this date totalling hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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