More Sustainable Weddings Coming to the Greens of Chicagoland

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2020

Growing numbers of couples want their weddings to inspire more love and fun, but less waste and energy costs. From paperless invitations to donations in lieu of gifts, today’s brides and grooms mark their occasion with sustainable trends at the forefront.

Natural Surroundings

Spectacular greenery and bright skies save decorating time for everyone, from the couple to the party to the planner. Without indoor lighting and design costs, wedding budgets drop tremendously. Simplify with outdoor weddings in Chicago suburbs near golf courses and more.

Passed Hors d’oeuvres

Pre-ceremony and cocktail hour nibbles do not need silver platters or paper plates either. Let waiters walk about mingling guests. Hand-held appetizers, especially served on natural wooden trays and skewers, reduce paper waste.

Open Seating

Trusts guests to know where they want to congregate. Placecards take time to design before the big day and more time to sort out on the day of. If this tradition is a must-have, consider using permanent markers on seashells or stones instead of paper.

Donated Flowers

With outdoor weddings in the Chicago suburbs, dozens of couples share the same greens and plant life across multiple weddings. However, centerpieces and bouquets are undoubtedly in the pictures. More happy newlyweds are donating their flowers to hospitals, charities and more.

Explore the well-appointed Carriage Greens Country Club as a prime location for a naturally beautiful, sustainable wedding.

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