2 Types Of Hair Transplant Procedures And The Experts In New Jersey Who Can Help

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Hair Restoration

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Have you noticed that you are losing patches of hair on your head? Are these bald spots becoming larger and more visible? If you are experiencing frequent hair loss, then you may be looking for solutions to help combat this issue and to gain your confidence back. Today, we will talk about 2 types of hair transplant procedures and the professionals to turn to for help in the New Jersey area.

FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

A follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedure, or “strip surgery,” is a hair restoration technique that transfers healthy hair grafts to the affected areas of hair loss on the scalp. In this procedure, a surgeon takes a strip of hair-bearing skin from the “donor” area where the follicles are immune to hair loss; the strip is then dissected into individual follicles or “follicular units” under microscopes, and then these follicular units are transplanted individually into the bald or thinning areas – also known as the “recipient” areas. FUT is considered the field’s “gold standard.” It provides the most grafts, the best growth, creates the least damage in the donor region, and provides for more surgery in the future.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

During a follicular unit excision – or FUE — procedure, the surgeon does not remove a strip of tissue, but instead uses tiny tools to individually cut around follicular units in the donor area. After cutting around a follicular unit, forceps (medical “tweezers”) are used to “pluck” the graft free. The graft is then reviewed under a microscope and then transplanted to the recipient areas just like in an FUT procedure. Although, both FUT and FUE procedures appear to be similar, the key difference between the two is the harvesting method and the scarring it leaves behind. FUT patients are left with a fine, small “linear” scar in the donor region, whereas FUE patients are left with thousands of small “dot” scars in the donor region. Both procedures create very minimal amounts of scarring which are well hidden by the surrounding hair.

The Experts

If you are interested in learning more and looking for the experts who offer hair restoration in the New Jersey area, contact the professionals at Feller & Bloxham Medical. They offer both FUT AND FUE hair transplant procedures. Call or visit them at https://fellermedical.com and start regaining your confidence today.

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