Factors to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Chicago

Posted by Phineas Gray on September, 2016

Divorce cases are often emotionally charged, so it’s important to hire the best possible lawyer to help you through this stressful time. How do you know you’re hiring the right one? Here are some factors to help you figure this out:

Consider Specialization

Hire a lawyer that specializes in divorce cases rather than one that practices general law. A divorce lawyer in Chicago will know the nuances of local laws, ensuring that you get the best possible representation in court in your state.

Court Experience

Ask about your lawyer’s court experience and pick out someone who has a good record for settling cases. This will improve your chances of winning your case. Negotiation skills come into play here, so keep an eye out for lawyers who have a way with words and know their way around negotiating divorce cases.

Ask About the Team

Make sure you know if anyone else is working on the case. Do they have the necessary experience? Set up a meeting with them as well to help you get a solid gauge on the people on your legal team.

Determine the Cost

How much is the hourly rate? Figure out what your lawyer’s retainer fees are up front. This way, you have an idea if the lawyer fits into your budget or if you need to keep looking.

Ask about the Divorce Costs

Aside from legal fees, you’ll need to know how much the entire divorce would cost you. This typically depends on a number of factors, including the level of conflict in your case, says Divorcenet. High conflict divorces can be expensive. Beware of anyone who gives you a quote that’s surprisingly or ridiculously low.

Putting an end to your marriage is never easy, but getting a good lawyer can make life simpler. Consider these things before you pick one out to help you.