Plastic Bead Blasting: Save Time, Money & Aggravation

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Business

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Is stripping old paint from your car on your agenda? Or do you need to remove grime from the underside of your boat? Whatever your plans may be, plastic bead blasting is a quick way to refresh the surface of a wide range of objects by eliminating tough materials and coatings. An experienced company can help you choose the most effective stand-alone product or create a customized blend of media. The right supplier will provide much-needed advice on proper use and safety – ensuring you get the job done right the first time.

Fast & Affordable
Media blasting is a highly cost-effective, efficient method of removing stubborn materials from a variety of surfaces. Going the route of media blasting will likely save you hours of tiresome labor. Rather than stripping and sanitizing a surface by hand, you’ll instead use a handheld blasting gun or blasting cabinet, safety materials, and media to get rid of built-up, unwanted materials. Not only is media blasting a much more affordable alternative to other techniques, but many suppliers also offer a recycling program for used plastic media.

Common Types of Media
There are several plastic bead blasting products to choose from, which makes it easier to find the ideal media for your project. T-2 Urea, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic are three of the most commonly chosen forms of blast media. Out of the three, T-2 is the most adaptable – capable of removing wax, oil, adhesive, paint, and much more. For projects that involve tough surfaces, such as iron and steel, T-3 is highly effective without being too harsh. T-5 is the gentlest plastic media, and is used for removing powder coatings and cleaning softer surfaces.

Intended Surfaces & Projects
You can use media blast for a wide variety of projects and applications. Assuming the media you’ve chosen is ideal for the surface you have in mind, you can expect a smooth, clean finish. Quality media can easily power through mold, hydrocarbon deposits, anti-corrosives, sealants, and more, without leaving scratches, dents, and other forms of damage. plastic blasting media is suited for stripping and cleaning a broad array of objects, which include but are not limited to:

Gauge metals
Aircrafts/ aircraft components

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