Enjoy a Southern Delicacy by Adding Mayhaw Jelly to Your Breakfast

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2018

Are you looking for a special treat to enjoy with your morning breakfast? Perhaps, you love the southern style foods that tantalize your taste buds. If so, you should consider purchasing mayhaw jelly from Columbus, GA to compliment your early morning meal. Slather the delicious jelly on toast or put a dollop on a warm biscuit fresh from the oven to have a mouthwatering experience. Whether you are preparing breakfast for yourself or a Sunday brunch for your family. This southern delicacy will hit the spot before you start the day with your morning meal.

What is a Mayhaw

Mayhaw jelly in Columbus GA is created from Mayhaw tree berries that grow in the southern states. The flavorful hawthorn berry can be found growing on trees and ready to be picked by May. The berry can range in color from red to yellow and has a tart flavor. This gives the jelly a tart but sweet taste that will be bursting in your mouth while enjoying an early morning breakfast. A comfort food that often can be found in numerous southern homes. Whether you have always enjoyed the scrumptious taste of the jelly or want to try something new, you can order a jar online to have it shipped directly to your doorstep no matter where you live.

Make Eating Breakfast Your Favorite Meal of the Day

If you want to enjoy a southern style breakfast, you can find delectable foods to enjoy by shopping at Striplings General Store. They offer a variety of goods online to help their clients enjoy various types of southern food. Whether you are looking for a flavorful jelly to devour on toast or a plump juicy sausage to complement any breakfast. You can find the delicious items you need to cook up a mouthwatering breakfast.

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