Tips for Making Your Polish Last Longer

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2018

Nail fashion is fun and creative. It can be challenging to preserve your nail designs and you probably get frustrated with chipped nails. Fret not! You don’t have to struggle with wasting your high-end nail polish or holiday colors with these nail tips below.

Base Coat Benefits
Use a base coat first. The base coat protects your nails and clings to polish making it long-lasting. They are infused with vitamin E and calcium among other nutrients to prevent breakage too. The base coat is like a double-sided tape for your nails. It gives the new nail polish colors a boost of cellulose chemicals for a sticky effect. It also helps prevent your nails from staining.

Before the Base Coat
One variable in making your polish chip is our very own body oil. Nail polish remover is your best friend. It helps remove any oil and gunk from your nails to optimize the bond between the nail and the base coat. This will make the polish color last longer.

Quality Nail Salon
Depending on the salon, they may be using thinners which cause the polish to chip quicker. It’s good advice to bring your own nail polish to your sessions. If you’re local in Delray Beach you should visit our nail shop. We were voted 2011 Best hair salon in Delray.

A Few More Things
Don’t do thick coats. Instead, try about 3 very thin layers of nail polish. There is a variety including vegan nail polish brands. Apply a topcoat every couple days particularly on the tips to deter nail chipping. You may also want to focus on “busy” areas where your nails experience the most friction and trauma from things like texting, cooking, cleaning.

Don’t forget to wear your gloves when doing dishes, or let your partner or roommate do them. Keeping your nails out of warm or hot water can help keep the polish on.

Nail Health
There are a few ways to check whether your nails are healthy. Depending on their health they may be responsible for your short-lived manicure or pedicure. If you tend to get brittle nails, you may want to look into increasing your fatty acid intake by eating foods with oily properties like flaxseeds.

Sometimes nails can reveal serious underlying disease that goes beyond low levels of folate. It’s important to pay attention to all parts of your body to monitor yourself.

Trending nails are cute, but fashion is short-lived and so are the many creative designs. They are delicate and should be cherished while they last. Even so, there are many ways to preserve them. If you don’t have the patience for the upkeep leave it to salon experts. New You Hair and Nails is one of the top nail salons in Delray Beach.

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