Effective Radio Advertising Drives Conversions

Posted by Phineas Gray on May, 2015

If you think that radio is no longer an effective form of advertising, think again. Dispel your old-school notions of what a radio ad is all about. Radio is no longer a ‘mass media’ push-style ad option. These days, radio is making the most out of technology to craft effective campaign strategies that drive home your message with customers. Radio campaigns don’t just sell one-time. They can deliver long-term, sustainable results that other forms of media only dream about. Satellite radio, podcasting and streaming all open up new areas of marketing to your business.

Your Campaign Depends on your Strategy and Budget

Radio ad campaigns exist for every budget. Small budget advertisers may choose multiple, targeted podcasts for their run. Companies with larger budgets may want to run their ads across many channels at once. Well-known radio personalities promoting your brand are a great way to introduce your company to a new audience. Radio ad campaigns are also completely measurable. What good is a campaign that doesn’t pay for itself? With daily monitoring and reports, you will know for a fact whether your campaign is working or not. If you need to roll out a product or service to a huge audience, radio works. Sean Hannity, Larry King, and Howard Stern broadcast to tens of millions of loyal listeners. Famous broadcasters like these are the epitome of why effective radio advertising is hard to beat.

Measurable Results and Sustainable Advertising Top List of Reasons to Advertise on Radio

Big name broadcasters and lesser-known podcasters have high rates of engagement with their audience. They also know how to sell, which is the key to effective radio advertising. Radio personalities can earn enormous incomes if they are effective for their sponsors. Cross-channel promotions with media partners are a key driver of sales growth. A well-balanced modern marketing campaign includes television, e-marketing, direct response, radio, public relations, and outdoor advertising. Deal with cross-channel professionals who amplify your message when they push it to a wide spectrum of media. If you have only focused on on-line efforts to this point, you’ll be blown away by the results you get when you step your game to include cross-channel promotions.

Make your message about the listener and you will warm them up. Companies get nowhere when they talk about themselves or sell, sell, sell. When you make it about your prospects, they are more receptive to your message. As you continue to broadcast your marketing to them across channels they trust, sales are the natural result. A clear, simple message that’s easy to understand always works best. People are busy and turn off to complex ideas. You only have a short time to gain their attention and trust. Use it wisely.

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