Entrance Options With Craftsman Doors

Posted by Timothy Harvard on May, 2015

Some types of doors are very distinctively associated with one particular architectural style or home design style. These iconic doors are perfect when matched to the right home. There are also those door styles, such as Craftsman doors, which make a great match with a wide variety of home types and styles.

If you are considering Craftsman doors for your home, but don’t have a traditional Craftsman style of home, there are some simple decorating ideas you can use to create a variety of different looks. Of course, if you have a Craftsman style home with the wide porch and clean lines then the door will automatically blend right into the architecture.

Let the Wood Show

One of the great features of well-designed and quality made Craftsman doors is the wood itself. It is a beautiful addition to any home. By choosing a stain to bring out the natural color and grain of the wood the door becomes a focus point even if the rest of the home has siding, brick, or the more traditional option of an exterior textured surface.

To add to the lines of Craftsman doors consider adding wooden benches and chairs and dotting the porch area with green plants. Larger ferns and pothos with wooden planters also add to the rich, earthy look.

Windows and Doors

With the straight, clean lines of Craftsman doors it is very easy to coordinate the window trim to match the wood on the door. You can choose the same wood and stain to give a coordinated look to the home.

Choosing a more traditional type of window or using a mullioned window matching the window in the door is a simple way to add little details to the overall look.

White Trim and Natural Colors

By choosing lighter colored Craftsman doors and leaving the wood natural and rich in color you can highlight the entrance with white around the door and the windows. This looks amazing with a neutral, natural or earthy toned color for the home such as sand, sage or copper, gray or even tans and ruddy, earthy reds.

The white trim will pull out the neutral colors and will contrast with the wood of the Craftsman doors. You can also add white furniture and natural wood and terra cotta planters for a cool look during the hot summer months.

Decorating with Craftsman doors provides a lot of different design options. Browse around online and see the amazing possibilities with these classic yet timeless doors.

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