Replacing Old Style Patio Doors

by | May 11, 2015 | Home and Garden

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A patio area is a great way to expand your outdoor living space regardless of where you live. Adding the right patio doors can really open up the space and provide amazing light, a great view of your yard or deck area as well add to the visual appeal of the inside and outside of your home.

Many older homes have the traditional sliding patio doors made with aluminum frames. While these are not bad doors they don’t add much in the way of style or design. They can also be very energy inefficient, especially if they are more than a decade or so old. Replacing these old patio doors with new styles can give your home a whole new look.

Go Big and Bold

One option is to choose wood patio doors with large panes. These doors bring in a lot of light and also allow you a clear view of the outdoors. This is perfect for off a kitchen or family room area or leading to a deck or swimming pool. With large, open panes of glass and a darker wood frame, these doors make a bold statement.

Choosing Knotty Alder as the wood provides a unique look to the doors . With a double door, this wide entrance is perfect for easy access to the indoors and outdoors.

Go Classic

For more privacy while still providing diffused light, consider choosing classic styles of patio doors. Instead of a single large and clear pane in each of the doors,look for baroque styles of glass with wrought iron and patina caming.

This can provide a very intricate pattern in the glass which is perfect off of a formal dining room, an entertainment room or in a family area or kitchen. Since the glass on the patio doors is a frosted there is a higher level of privacy, perfect for additional security without having to use a solid type of door.

For a combination of both options, consider a chateau glass with diamond-shaped panes throughout or a clear style of Flemish glass which looks both elegant as well as rustic. To add to the design you may want to consider a French style of door which is ideal in both a modern as well as a more traditional type of décor.

Today there are more choices than ever in patio doors when you shop with a top manufacturer. Before making a decision on standard door sets be sure to look around to find just the style to suit your home.

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