Do Solar Panels in Temecula CA Work At Night?

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Science & Technology

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The world is in a desperate need of an alternative energy source. These days, non-renewable sources of energy are being utilized at an alarming rate, and if this carries on the earth will be totally out of all its natural energy reserves. Solar energy is renewable and cost-efficient and is perhaps the finest possible replacement for hazardous fossil fuels. The findings of a recent study indicate that covering four percent of the world’s deserts with solar panels will help solve the power problems of the whole planet.

If you are currently using solar energy to power your home, it can be somewhat tedious because the effectiveness of solar panels in Temecula CA reduces significantly during the winter, or during cloudy conditions, because less amount of sunlight gets to the panels. Things get even worse at night because there is no sunlight to be harnessed. During such situations, the best thing to do is to go for solar energy conservation, which can be achieved by using a utility grid backup or battery bank.

Conventional solar panels in Temecula CA have only forty percent efficiency. What this means is that they can convert forty percent of the entire solar energy that they get into usable electrical energy. Scientists are trying to create a new solar panel variant that will work even after sundown. These new solar panels are expected to have an efficiency of eighty percent. This new technology harnesses solar energy by using nano antennas. Nano antennas are square spirals of metal implanted within a plastic sheet that can be folded easily.

The earth soaks up the sun’s infrared energy and discharges it after sundown. The new panels absorb sunlight energy during the day as well as the infrared energy that the earth releases at night. This means that they harness energy at night as well as during the day. These new solar panels are very small but are much more efficient than their traditional counterparts. With advancements in technology, solar energy harnessing methods will certainly get better. Mac Solar Power is the leading solar energy firm providing solar panels to businesses and homeowners in Temecula CA.




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