Have You Ever Wondered What the Cost of a Surrogate Mother Is? Find Out

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

Although it’s sad when a couple can’t have their own baby, science has proven that there is away in which such couple can have their own biological baby. The process itself is known as surrogacy. And when a couple can’t have their own baby, they have to start looking into the cost of getting a surrogate mother.

The price varies from one state to another and that’s why we count pint out to an exact figure as the price of getting a surrogate mother. The process itself involves a few additional expenses, especially when you want the best services. Basically the fee that should be charged by a surrogate mother depends on circumstances. Surrogate mother cost California is not that much expensive and you would find an affordable surrogate mother.

The average fee for a surrogate mother would be around USD 18,000 but the price varies from one state to another with other additional expenses. You can find women who can actually do this at a lesser price; however, more experienced surrogate mother may charge a higher fee. Please note that the above mentioned fee may not cover all the expenses like food and medicines.

You should also keep in mind that if the ultrasound shows that there is more than one baby in the womb, the biological parents will have to add more money. The surrogate mother will then be required to undergo psychological evaluation and that will need more money again. The fact that this process must be legal means that a lawyer must be involved. Although you may get a family lawyer, you need to add the fee in the budget of getting a surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother will also need clothes when she’s pregnant. This is so because she will be experiencing body changes and that means that she may need new clothes. Other expenses include travelling to the hospital. If she uses public means then it means that as the biological parents, you`ll have to pay for the fare or gas.

A method called selective reduction is used when the surrogate mother develops multiple fetuses in her womb. That means that you`ll have to take care of such expenses when it comes to that. Surrogate mother cost California basically varies from circumstance to circumstance. But you can always get help from professionals on how you can budget for this.

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