Have You Heard of Mycorrhiza?

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Science & Technology

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This is a fungus that is used to help boost the health of certain, common garden plants. It is believed to be a reliable approach to creating the ideal soil environment. With endomycorrhizal inoculants, you can easily add this great fungus to your soil.

What is an Endomycorrhizal Inoculant?

These are general-purpose inoculants for endo-dependent plants such as most vegetables, fruit trees, turfgrass, grapes, berries, and flowers. An endo-dependent plant relies on fungi and other micro-organisms living within its tissues to survive. Therefore, these inoculants ‘inject’ these fungi into your garden soil, enriching it.

Why Use Them?

When growing endo-dependent plants, certain nutrients and conditions are required for them to flourish. A plant’s general health relies on its ability to obtain available nutrients in the soil. Therefore, when applied, the microscopic fungi in inoculants lock onto the roots and enhance the root’s ability to absorb nutrients.

This codependent relationship is what is called “symbiotic”. The fungi have a place to live while the roots have enhanced nutrient absorption. A win-win situation. Using these inoculants in your garden will lead to remarkably healthier plants.

How to Use

There are three approaches to applying this granular rooting booster to your garden.

Upon transplantation when moving the plant to a bigger pot

Post transplanting if you have already transplanted your plant

Breaded technique effective for seedlings

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