Celebrate Life with A Great Banquet Hall Event Center

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Wedding

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Life is a series of celebrations – birthdays, weddings, engagements, and retirements are all reasons to gather with loved ones and friends to eat, party, and celebrate. If you are looking for banquet halls near Chicago you are going to want a few specific things in your venue:

  • Plenty of space
  • Dance floor
  • Elevated band area
  • Lots of chairs and tables
  • A full bar

Get the music cranking and join your friends on the dance floor for some popular line dances. Nothing gets the fun going like doing the latest moves together. The live band should have an area that does not take up floor space – like an elevated platform. After all, your guests may loosen up and need lots of room.

Drinks Anyone?

Whether you choose a signature drink for your wedding banquet, or you want your family and friends to enjoy an open bar, nothing gets the celebration going better than a good drink. Top shelf spirits and plenty of garnishes, syrups, and sodas will allow your guests to enjoy any drink they could possibly think of. Make sure the banquet halls near Chicago offer a bar for your convenience.

Food is Important!

It’s not really a party until the shrimp cocktail and pastry trays are passed around. Food gives you energy to dance. It keeps your guests from getting hungry while your event is going on. Of course, it brings people together. So, gather around the tables and enjoy plated meals like beef wellington or chicken cordon bleu. Or, go casual and have it served family style. Either way, the food should be plentiful and the conversation will flow. A coffee and tea service along with some sweet treats can be the perfect ending to your event.

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