Why Seeing Your Local Dentist Is So Important and What Happens When You Don’t

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Dentist

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We’ve all been there.

It’s time to see your local dentist near Lincoln Square again, and you’re not looking forward to it.

While we’ve all likely experienced this feeling of resistance towards committing to our dental visits each year, it is vital that we push past our initial reservations and diligently show up to our appointments.

In this article, we will explore why keeping up with dental check ups are so important, as well as what could happen if you neglect to do so in the future.

Why Are Dental Visits so Important?

Regular dental visits accomplish a variety tasks, even when you aren’t experiencing any notable dental issues. By seeing your dentist regularly, your dentist is able to keep a constant eye on your oral health and identify potential problems even before they start.

At your appointment, your provider will likely give you a basic cleaning which removes harmful plaque and bacteria from teeth. This is important, as it keep germs and bacteria away from the gum line thus preventing potentially serious conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Another reason that showing up to regular check ups at your local dental office is important is because the dentist has access to many tools and technologies that you don’t have access to at home. For example, your dentist is able to use an x-ray to see below the gum line and may be able to identify problem areas long before they manifest any painful symptoms.

How Often Do I Need to See My Dentist?

You should always aim to see you dentist about once every six months, which is the equivalent of twice per year. While some dental professionals may claim that seeing the dentist only once a year is sufficient, that simply isn’t true. Going this long without having plaque and bacteria properly removed from teeth is likely to cause issues down the road, especially if the patient has underlying oral health problems that he or she isn’t privy to.

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