Buying A Used Car

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Automotive

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Although the car may not be “factory fresh,” the process of buying a used car is similar to buying a new car. A used car is going to be new to you and buying it can be exciting and rewarding.

Set a budget:

Resist the temptation to rush out to look at Ford used cars in Wheeling before establishing your budget.

Do not focus on what you can afford, think more about how much you should spend. Being in a position to afford a specific vehicle does not make it your best option. If you are planning to finance the purchase, limit your monthly payments to about 20 percent of your net income.

Take the time to review your expenses before you begin looking for Ford used cars in Wheeling.

Types of used cars:

When you have established your budget, you can start to look closely at the available options. There are two very different types of used cars to consider:

Certified pre-owned:

Many certified pre-owned cars are those that have come off lease. They are usually less than three years old and in excellent condition. These cars are subjected to a multi-point inspection, any problems are taken care of, and the car is given additional warranty over and above any factory warranty that is left.


Modern cars are far better than they were as little as 15 years ago – they have been built to last. The typical used car on a dealer’s lot is reliable and is considerably less expensive than its CPO counterpart is.

When you buy a used car from a dealership, there are advantages. A dealer will take your current car in trade and may be able to offer attractive financing.

If you are looking for a great selection of Ford used cars in Wheeling, you will be happy when you visit Arlington Heights Ford. They always have a large pre-owned and used car inventory to choose from.

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