Distinct Features of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Beauty and Salon

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Massage offers a lot of great benefits to your health. Wondering if you should call and make an appointment for a session of deep tissue massage in Jacksonville? Here are excellent reasons why you should—and why you’ll want to make it into a weekly habit:

It uses slow and deep movements
Unlike other types of massage therapies, the slow and deep strokes that characterize this technique ensures that the relief reaches deep in the muscles. It also helps improve circulation in your blood, improving your metabolism and energy levels.

It’s best for trouble spots
Tension and stress can leave your muscles all knotted up. If you deal with a lot of stress at work, this could leave your muscles stiff. Going for a deep tissue massage in Jacksonville helps ease the tension in specific spots, says WebMD. After a while, you’ll feel the stress drain away.

It’s therapeutic
Other massage therapies focus on soft, kneading strokes that help relieve tension and stress. However, those therapies might not work for clients with a back sprain and muscle injuries. If you suffer from the same condition, a deep tissue massage is a good choice for you. Since the strokes are long and deep, therapists are able to focus on problem areas and provide much-needed relief from the tension and discomfort.

It helps ease pain
Living with arthritis means living with arthritic pain. If you’re looking for a way to help you manage the discomfort, you can give this massage therapy a try. It helps ease the symptoms and provides much-needed pain relief.

It breaks down scar tissue
Scar tissue can compromise your range of motion and flexibility. Massage therapy can help ease and relax affected muscles, though. This reduces the pain, helps improve flexibility and range as well as breaks down scar tissue. All in all, good reasons to give it a try.

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