Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring Coating in Your Garage

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Painting Contractor

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Today you can apply epoxy flooring coating to your garage floor, one of the finishes which is most durable and toughest. It can both protect and transform your ugly or boring cement garage floor into one that is professional with beauty along with function. Due to garages becoming more than a home for cars, garage epoxy flooring coating in Fayetteville benefits have helped make it one of the top garage flooring choices of today.

Is Epoxy, Paint?

Many people are confused when it comes to epoxy, believing it is a paint. It is not paint, it is latex acrylic product is paint for garage floors. There are some paints which add a very small amount of epoxy to the mix, helping to make it more durable. Epoxy itself, is a thermosetting resin which is applied to garage floor as a coating.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Benefits

Why is one of the best finishes for garage floors an epoxy coating? Besides looking great, the thick and hardened application which comes from epoxy makes a coating which is extremely resilient and durable to chemicals, chipping, impacts, surface abrasions, and stains. If your bicycle accidentally falls over or you drop a wrench, no need for panicking. This thick coating is impressive with covering tiny imperfections such as flaws in concrete and little spider cracks.

Epoxy flooring in Fayetteville is a topical sealer, making it also anti-dusting. Majority of dust in garages come from what powder was shed from the cement floor. This powder tends to kick up on bare concrete from normal traffic, collecting upon storage items, cars, tool benches, and also being tracked into the home.

Resistant to moisture also, due to being a topical coating. When living in a snowy climate, this benefits quite well. During winter months, this helps make for easy cleaning of road salts and icy brines that collect on the floor. All that is needed, water and mild soap. While the floor is dry, collect debris and dust with a soft broom or dust mop.

Hobbyists and Home Mechanics

Both hobbyists and home mechanics give epoxy flooring coating high reviews. Due to it being both stain and chemical resistant, brake fluids, oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, and other car chemicals are wiped up easily. There is no damage to the floor from jack stands, jacks, or rolling tool boxes. Garage environments are brightened up as well due to it being light reflective.

Choosing to Use Epoxy Flooring Coating

If you choose to use epoxy for your garage floor, due to how well they wear, it is becoming common for warranties to last up to 15 years when installed by professionals.

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