How Functional Medicine in Peachtree City Addresses Viral Infections

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2020

Functional medicine in Peachtree City is a form of holistic healthcare that focuses on overall well-being, lifestyle and fundamental causes of illness and other disorders. The practice looks beyond direct physical causes and considers other aspects, such as a comprehensive personal, family and medical history.

During the pandemic, people might wonder how doctors of functional medicine in Peachtree City view the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. They may wonder whether seeking treatment from this type of practitioner would be beneficial if they contract the illness.

As with other medical practitioners, these physicians strongly encourage preventive measures. Until a vaccine is readily available, people are advised to follow guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control. The practitioners also may recommend nutritional and botanical supplements for immune system boosting. These supplements could be included as part of COVID-19 therapy as well, along with conventional medical treatments that have proved effective against the disease.

The main goal of a clinic like this is optimal wellness. With a variety of strategies, patients look and feel their best. They are less susceptible to contagious diseases, including seasonal influenza.

The doctors do recommend flu vaccines along with other important vaccinations as part of illness prevention and optimal wellness goals. Boosting immunity does not mean it’s OK to become lax about preventive measures against COVID-19 either. The idea is to avoid the possibility of contagion, but have the body’s physical resources in high gear in case the person comes in contact with the virus. The immune system is then better able to block progression to illness.

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