4 Must-Read Tips on Buying a Sleeper Sofa

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Furniture

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If you’d like to be able to accommodate overnight home but lack a spare bedroom, there’s an easy solution. A Luonto sleeper sofa is practical and space-saving, allowing you to easily convert your everyday couch into a temporary bed. However, you should be sure you’re getting your money’s worth before you buy. Keep reading for some tips that will help you choose the sleeper sofa that will best fit your tastes, space restrictions and budget.

Measure Carefully

Before you buy a Luonto sleeper sofa, measure the room where you plan to use it carefully, and them measure your potential sleeper sofa when it’s fully opened. Experts agree that there should be a minimum of 48” of space between the sides of the bed and the walls to ensure maneuverability, and at least 3 feet at the bottom. Any less space could make access difficult for your overnight guests, so be sure to choose an appropriate size.

Go for a Wooden Frame

A Sleeper Sofa can have a frame made of many different materials, but experts recommend choosing a model with a quality wooden frame. Frames made of hardwood or high-quality plywood will be more durable and last longer than frames made of softer woods or poor-quality metal products. Remember, you’ll be using your Sleeper Sofa as a couch as well, so quality is important.

Check the Mattress

Sub-par mattresses on sofa beds can sag, shift and make sleeping uncomfortable for your guests. Look for a mattress with a solid spring construction that offers enough support for the neck, spine and lower back. Don’t necessarily focus on thickness, as sleeper sofa mattresses are normally much thinner than regular mattresses. You can always increase plushness by adding a mattress pad for your guests.

Look for an Easy-to-Open Model

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sleeper sofa that’s difficult to open and close. It should glide out smoothly and rest evenly on the floor when it’s fully opened. When you’re shopping, make sure the model you’re considering doesn’t stick, squeak or grind when you’re opening or closing it. These are all signs of a poor-quality opening mechanism that could break easily. As time goes on, the problem will probably get worse.

A Luonto sleeper sofa is a great alternative to a guest bedroom if you’re short on space. For sleeper sofas in a variety of styles and sizes, visit International Design Center in Edina, MN today.

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