5 Tips to Preventing Clogged Drains

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Auto

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When your drains get clogged, it can be an annoying inconvenience. You don’t want to be stuck with clogged drains for too long, or else it can become more and more difficult to get them un-stuck. When it comes to taking care of drains on your own, there are a few do’s and don’ts that plumbers will swear by. Take note of the following tips below so you can prevent your drains from getting clogged in the first place.

This is an especially convenient habit to practice before the springtime. As the cold weather thaws out, your drains can take a hit. Here are the top 5 tips that plumbers recommend to preventing clogged drains.

1. Do Not Flush Oil or Grease

When using the sink, toilet, or other drains in your house, make sure to never put oil or grease down them. This is because these liquids get hard when they go down pipes, which causes other debris and flushed items to get stuck to them. You can easily prevent a clog by disposing of oil in the garbage.

2. Do Not Put Food in Your Drains

Unless you have a great quality garbage disposal, you should not be putting chunks of food or even morsels into your drain. While it’s inevitable that some food particles will end up in the drain, you can prevent a potential clog by refraining from putting food items down there purposely.

3. Put Boiling Water in Your Drain

This is one of the most favorited tricks by plumbers. Once every week or two, you should pour hot boiling water down the drain. In the event that you have any grease, oil, or debris stuck down there, the boiling water has the potential to flush it all away.

4. Only Toilet Paper in the Toilet

This is essential to remember: Only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. If you flush Kleenex, paper towels, or other bathroom hygiene products down the toilet, it can easily cause a clog in the drain.

5. Use a Drain Screen

If you don’t already have a drain screen, it may be worthwhile to invest in one. They act as a filter that stops clog-worthy materials like hair, dirt, and soap products from getting into your drain. It’s a great way to prevent clogs before they occur.

Call Your Professional Plumbers ASAP

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