The Coolest Accessories for Your Mavic Pro

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Electronics and Electrical

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If you already own a Mavic Pro drone, you know exactly why it is such a popular buy. It comes at a decent price yet has a construction that is durable enough to compete with more expensive options. It’s also known for being extremely portable and has an outrageously long range. What can make the Mavic Pro an even more inspiring drone are the many accessories that you can pick up for it. We’ll take a look at the most popular below.

Extra Batteries

The battery that comes with your Mavic is going to give you less than a half hour of flight time, which is far from optimal. Having a stockpile of batteries can kick that up by several hours. If you charge all of your batteries before heading out for a flight, you’ll be able to enjoy the fun as long as you’d like to. Even if you buy nothing else from this list, pick up the batteries. You won’t be disappointed.

Spare Propellers

With the Mavic Pro being capable of going into areas other drones might not, accidents can happen pretty easily. The tripod mode especially adds to the chances of a crash, particularly when you’re new to flying this drone. Because of that, having at least one extra set of propellers can keep you in a good place. If something goes wrong, you can switch the component out quick and get back to the sky.

Sun Hoods

If you find yourself out and about when it’s extremely sunny, a Mavic Pro sun hood is an excellent accessory to have available. You’ll never have issues looking at the screen, as the song won’t cause glare. These are an important accessory and we suggest you have one to use when it’s needed. It’s an easy way to make flying more relaxing and convenient, no matter how high the sun is in the sky.

Car Charger

For those who like to take their drones out in the car to fly in new places, a car charger might do you well. You can charge your batteries on the go. The best thing is that these chargers can also work with other devices, so your phone or tablet never has to go dead while you’re on the road.

Whether you’re interested in a Mavic Pro sun hood or a handful of extra batteries for your drone, there are plenty of options for purchase. At Aerial Drone Accessories, we have the widest selection of sunshades and other accessories. To find out more, you can reach us at our office by calling 833-DroneMe or 833-376-6363.

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