The Steps to Good Transmission Repair

Posted by Phineas Gray on April, 2018

If your automatic transmission is in need of repair, there may be several possibilities as to why it’s acting up. Your transmission can be on the fritz due to a lot of reasons, whether that means a lack of fluid or a more serious problem that requires replacement. Regardless of the reason for needing repair, there are several steps that a great technician will take to ensure the best transmission repair services possible. Take a look at the steps below to see the thorough checklist that professionals go through to ensure everything is done properly and in a quality manner.

Thorough Diagnosis

Good transmission repair requires a thorough diagnosis. The first step to repairing a transmission is figuring out what’s wrong with it in the first place. The only way to be able to accurately fix transmission is if a proper diagnosis can be made. S-O-S Transmission uses a great diagnostic test system to make sure the exact transmission issue is located.

Multiple Options Presented

No repair job is successful if the customer isn’t completely on board with the service. It feels good to be presented with a list of options so that your transmission can undergo the best care that you feel is right. Much like going to the doctor, you have the right to decide what option to pursue for the repair of your transmission. Depending on the diagnosed issue, your transmission may either need repair or a full replacement.

The Repair Process

During the repair process itself, qualified engineers want to make it as easy for the customer as possible. That’s why loaner vehicles are available, so that you can continue with your errands and your work chores even if your own car is out of commission for a little while. Plus, a guaranteed warranty can give you the better peace of mind that your transmission repair will be completed by the standards of the ATRA – Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.

S-O-S Transmission Offers Unmatched Transmission Repair!

Not only is our office open at the hours most convenient to you, but we are in a great location so you can easily stop on by for a transmission fix. Our own tow trucks can bring your car over, and you can rent one of our cars out while your transmission is being worked on. We guarantee quality service and customer care, no matter how large or small the job is. Simply contact us online or give us a call at (708) 344-1760 to get started! You can watch their videos on YouTube to know more.