You Cannot Ignore Social Media

Posted by Phineas Gray on June, 2015

In this digital age that we are living, it is extremely important for everyone to keep up with the changing trends. Whenever someone asks me whether they should promote their business on social media platforms or not, I tell them that it is not even a question that they should be asking in the first place. There is no doubt that social media has taken the whole world by storm. There is no one that I know who doesn’t use these networks, especially business. I always wonder; who would want to miss a great chance to offer their products on a platform where customers are willing to buy?

Well, let’s take a look at the different social networks that are super solid marketing tools for businesses.


Snapchat might be a comparatively new platform than Facebook and Pinterest but it is one which must not be ignored. This platform is fun, interesting, and not to forget that it has a growing user base. The best part about Snapchat is that it has a ‘Live’ feature in which different cities, countries, events, and occasions can be seen by the viewers live, and in the form of fun pictures and videos. You can market your brand name in one of the events or simply get your brand be mentioned in the ‘Discover’ option through different channels. My opinion to all the businesses reading this is that they should find a marketing agency in Long Island and add Snapchat to their campaign.


I keep on talking about the importance of being available on Facebook but there are many other relatively new platforms that offer a lot of opportunities for businesses including Pinterest. Pinterest might seem like a girly network but in reality it is an extremely valuable marketing tool. Thanks to the latest feature in the platform that businesses can now directly sell their products/services through the blue ‘Buy it’ button. The best part about Pinterest is that it is visually attractive and the posts that repined get saved on the dashboard forever. So, call a marketing agency in Long Island and get Pinterest added to your digital marketing campaign.


Okay, I am back to talking about Facebook but I really can’t help but mention it because it is the best thing that has ever happened on the face of digital world. Facebook has billions of users and it is one of the most engaging platforms. The best part is that you can market your brand using paid advertisement or simply getting your content shared. Don’t know how to market your business on Facebook? Get in touch with a marketing agency in Long Island to start now.

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