Why You Should Light Up Your Cigar with Colibri Lighters

Posted by Phineas Gray on July, 2015

The Colibri lighters were made by Julius Lowenthal in the year 1928. He made the lighters after the First World War by forming a company with his brother Benno and the first Colibri lighters were extremely successful. After WWII the Colibri lighters had their very own development department and it was at this time that new lighter technology was found, which ensured that the company would become the industry leader for cigar lighters. Nowadays Colibri lighters are extremely popular and they are still regarded by many to be the best smoking accessories that can be found today.

Why Colibri Lighters are leading the Way:

Ever since the year 1928 the Colibri lighter brand has gained a formidable reputation for being the leading manufacturer of smoking accessories and lighting instruments. They have continued to push the boundaries for standard lighters and with their innovative designs they have made a series of exciting new lighters with groundbreaking technical developments.

In the year 1955 the Colibri cigar lighters made the first gar lighters in France and the overall quality of the design and the ease of use provided by these lighters made them instant favorites. That is the time period when Colibri lighters started to gain the respect and admiration of everyone around the world due to their exceptional finishing and their standards of quality.

The Colibri lighters collection includes the following:

The Colibri Original
The Colibri Monogas
The Piezo Electric Lighter
The Colibri Supertronic
The Colibri Sensation
The Colibri Sensatron
The Colibri Lasatron
The Colibri Talon Lighter

What makes the Colibri Lighter so Special?

The thing that makes the Colibri lighters so special is that they are simple to use and are found in a wide variety of styles and designs. Lighting up and enjoying a pipe, cigarette or cigar has never been more delightful than with the help of Colibri lighters. They are stylish and have got precise craftsmanship done on them, while you will never have to complain about the mechanics of a Colibri lighter. They are not ordinary lighters and that is the reason why so many people want to purchase them.

There is no denying the fact that if you are an avid smoker and you need to find a lighter, then the best option for you in the industry would be to own a Colibri lighter that will say that you have got style, class and quality. So make sure that you leave a statement of intent just by lighting your cigar and intimidate the opposition with the style, class and sophistication that is afforded to you by Colibri lighters.

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