Why You Need A Solar Eclipse Viewer

Posted by Timothy Harvard on November, 2015

A big event is going to cut a brilliant swathe across the United States in August 2017. For anyone who has even the slightest interest in the sun or the impressive powers of the natural world, it will be an amazing event. On this day, everyone needs to be prepared – to have their solar eclipse viewer ready. It is the only way to safely watch this total eclipse of the sun. In fact, it is the only prudent way to watch any solar eclipse.

What Is a Solar Eclipse Viewer?

A solar eclipse viewer is a term that refers to any type of device that allows you to watch a solar eclipse without damaging your eyes. It can be homemade or manufactured. It can be simple or complex. It can be expensive or cheap. It does not matter. What is important is that it protects your eyes during the viewing.

A solar eclipse viewer may be any of the following:

* Pin hole projector
* Solar eclipse glasses
* Welders mask (rated 14 and over)
* Binoculars that have been adjusted to filter the sun’s rays
* Telescope that has been adjusted to filter the sun’s rays

Overall, a solar eclipse viewer is a tool for viewing a solar eclipse. It is designed to filter out the powerful and harmful rays of the sun. This allows you to use the instrument to look at the solar eclipse without causing damage to your eyes.

Why Your Eyes Need Protection

The sun’s rays of light are very strong. When they strike the naked eye, they are intense in their concentration and focus. The retina, consist of rods and cones which are very light sensitive. When the light assaults the rods and cones, it sets in motion a chemical reaction within the light-sensitive cells. This damages one of their abilities – that of responding to any visual stimulus. Temporary damages may result.

The harmful rays can also inflict permanent damage under specific circumstances e.g. length of exposure time, intensity of light, genetics. While blindness is not common, sustained retinal damage, no matter how temporary, is disruptive, emotionally painful and psychologically and even financially damaging. Either result is avoidable if the individual takes precaution and uses a solar eclipse viewer.

Your Best Option: A Solar Eclipse Viewer

Viewing a total solar eclipse is truly amazing. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to see something that is quite rare. Yet, if you want to be a part of what can become a celebratory event, you need to do the smart thing. At a party, you would not drink and drive. At an eclipse, you do not stand and watch without a solar eclipse viewer.

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