Processed Meat Carcinogenic to Humans?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2015

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has delivered some unfortunate news for the farming and fast food industries. Collaborative research conducted by scientists worldwide has indicated that processed meats such as bacon may be incredibly harmful to humans.

Is Bacon as Dangerous as Asbestos?
Along with alcohol, nicotine, asbestos, and other deadly carcinogenic substances, bacon has been linked to bowel cancer, which currently affects a wide number of people throughout Britain. Those who consume processed meat appear to be at a much greater risk of developing bowel cancer, though further studies will still need to be done to be certain that this type of meat is truly as dangerous as studies are currently suggesting.

Experts have long been warning people that a lot of bacon consumption can increase heart attack risk, but this disturbing news has shed new light on the possible other side effects of eating large amounts of processed meat.

Asbestos Throughout History
This news about the dangers of bacon has come at an interesting time in history, when most people are well aware of the risks associated with another harmful carcinogenic-asbestos. But there was once a time when people used asbestos frequently and were oblivious to its correlation to fatal diseases such as lung cancer.

Historically, asbestos was used in embalming practices, candle-making, and weaving, in spite of evidence that suggested it was causing “diseases of the lungs” in ancient Greek and Roman slaves.

Why Should We Be Concerned?
As the above information suggests, human beings have historically used materials that caused devastating and sometimes fatal side effects before obtaining the proper scientific evidence that they were truly harmful enough to be restricted.

For many years, people have consumed processed meats such as bacon without questioning its connections to heart diseases. Now, it looks increasingly likely that bacon is doing more harm than what we originally expected. Could these recent findings lead to heavier restrictions in the UK surrounding the consumption of bacon? Only time will tell.

Whether bacon is genuinely causing the high amounts of bowel cancer in Britain, or if there are additional factors to take into consideration, it is still important to take this research to heart. Keep informed about any future updates, and consider minimizing how much processed meat you and your family are consuming.

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