Why you need a lawyer that practises family law

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2016

During their adult life most Americans will develop a close relationship with an attorney in their area. Although there are lawyers that specialize in areas such as criminal or corporate law, the bulk of people will go through life never needing their unique services. For most people a well rounded practitioner of family and business law is all they will ever need. The beauty of this is that over time, lawyer and client become close, resulting in individual attention and personal service when the time comes.

For many people the biggest investment they will ever make is purchasing a home, when a family reaches this point they will turn to their Philadelphia real estate lawyer. As with all areas of the law there are many very strict laws that pertain to any real estate transaction and a seasoned lawyer is required every time a property is bought, sold or transferred.

There are three main functions that your real estate lawyer will do for you; review any agreements, prepare the contracts and act as an intermediary.

The agreement to purchase details what you are purchasing. The agreement will include such things as the down payment, the date of possession of the property and the date that the transfer becomes effective. The contract of sale includes any stipulations or specific terms that apply. In many cases there are certain facts that need disclosure; these appear in the contract of sale. The Philadelphia real estate attorney is often asked to act as an intermediary; the lawyer can negotiate for a client if requested and hold the deposit.

Over the years as an individual ages and amasses assets he or she will invariably realize how important it is to prepare a will which will ensure that their estate is disposed of upon their death in accordance with their wishes. The same attorney that helped when you purchased your home can now act as your estate planning attorney in Media PA.

You might think that preparing a will is straight forward; it is far more complicated than you first expect. There are unique rules that apply to the language used when the will is prepared as well as when it is finally executed. There are also serious tax implications associated with disposing of property, your estate planning attorney can help you keep death and gift taxes to a minimum.

When you buy or sell a home or wish to prepare your will you will need an attorney that you can trust, someone that can act as your Philadelphia real estate lawyer as well as your estate planning attorney in Media PA. You are invited to contact L. Theodore Hoppe, Jr. Attorney at Law.