The Basics of 360 Degree Feedback Software

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2016

When it comes to conducting employee reviews, companies are utilizing a new and innovative approach to collecting, analyzing and storing data – performance review software. Such software allows for human resource departments, management teams and employees to illicit valuable feedback related to the structure, culture and inner workings of a company. 360 Degree Feedback Software is one such type of employee feedback system; and is a viable option for those looking to streamline their review process and update their approach.

What is it?

When you think of the traditional annual review, you probably think of you and your boss sitting in a room going over a paper survey; highlighting various accomplishments and defeats that took place throughout the year. You probably talk about your skill sets and how you can improve upon them to provide a more robust and fulfilling experience in the coming months. With 360 Degree Feedback Software, the process is a bit different. This survey actually provides a deeper assessment of what is going on in the company as a whole – eliciting feedback across all sectors, including outside stakeholders. It was designed to provide companies a “360 degree” view of the inner and outer workings of the company so that they could more adequately adjust their approach and foster sustained success.

How Does it Work?

The 360 Degree Feedback Software is quite easy to use and understand; as it allows employees to evaluate their peers, managers and any staff members they may oversee in the workplace. The survey is administered – confidentially – to all staff members; giving them a chance to provide constructive feedback to all teammates and leadership staff. For leaders, this is an asset; as it encourages them to develop a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the work being done on the ground level that they may not otherwise have direct involvement with.

The Benefits

The 360 Degree Feedback Software provides companies with a long list of benefits. This software represents a new day in age where paper surveys are obsolete and companies are turning towards more innovative methods to collect, analyze and interpret meaningful data. With this software, you are not only able to collect feedback from every member of the organization – as well as those affiliated – but are able to focus your efforts on building your business from the ground up. You are able to take the feedback from this survey and apply it to the creative ideas that are going to surge your business to the next level.

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