Why Owners Are Installing Steel Doors in South Jersey Homes

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2018

For decades strong, practical steel doors have been used in South Jersey commercial buildings. However, until recently, they were not usually considered good-looking enough for homes. Today many door suppliers offer a wide range of elegantly designed steel doors. They have become popular among shoppers who want attractive, durable doors that increase home security. Many customers who want to make homes more energy efficient also install steel Doors in South Jersey homes.

Steel Doors Offer Unique Style

Companies like Steel Doors Inc offer a range of metal doors that are a far cry from heavy, utilitarian commercial doors. Residential steel Doors in South Jersey often have unique styles. Many include eye-catching features like scrollwork, hand-forged shapes, and transoms. Clients can also order custom metal doors that complement their decorating themes. A metal doors’ distinctive appearance can increase a home’s curb appeal and value.

Durable Metal Doors Withstand the Elements

Owners also install steel doors in order to minimize exterior maintenance. Metal doors do not crack, rot or splinter. Even if they are dented, surfaces can be repaired. Owners rarely have to replace metal doors for decades. They stand up the harshest weather and still retain their beauty. Steel doors also add a layer of security to homes, since it is nearly impossible for intruders to get through them.

Energy Efficient Steel Doors Lower Utility Bills

Many customers choose steel doors because they are energy efficient, which lowers heating and cooling bills. Metal doors have thin interior and exterior skins that do not touch one another. There is a thermal break in between as well as foam insulation. Doors are also designed to fit snugly and generally include air-tight weather stripping which works along the same principles as a refrigerator’s seal. Although metal doors may cost a bit more upfront, they pay for themselves in reduced utility bills.

Steel residential doors have become very popular among homeowners who like their unique appearance and the fact that they are easily customized. Metal doors are very durable and require little maintenance to retain their beauty for decades. Many also include insulation that makes them energy efficient.